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When setting up a Sponsored Message via Facebook Ads Platform you have the option to link the buttons / quick replies in the ad to content within your chatbot (instead of an external website). To do this you need to do the following:

Find your Postback / Payload ID

  1. Within Notifvia navigate to the Chatbot Structure tab and find the module you want to link your ads to.
  2. Hover over that module and you will see a number, this is the payload ID for that module.

Create your Facebook Ad Campaign

  1. Navigate to your Ads Manager and create a new campaign.
  2. Select the Campaign Objective: Messages
  3. Setup your Ad Set and Ads as per normal.
  4. On the Ad level scroll down to Message template and select [Edit] under Start conversations.

Configuring the Customer actions

  1. Select either Quick Reply or Buttons from the dropdown menu.
  2. Give your button a name (there is a 20 character limit)
  3. From the Action dropdown select Send a postback or Connect your bot (The options change based on your previous selection.
  4. Enter your Bot payload ID which can be found using the steps above in the ‘Find your Payload ID’ section.
  5. Click [Preview in Messenger] to test the module before publishing the ad.
  6. Once you have added all the button needed click ‘Save and Finish’.

Continue to compose and edit your ad target audience and segments as needed and Publish your campaign once it’s ready to go live!

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