Refreshing revoked Page Permissions

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Issue: If you are seeing a “Permission Revoked” error when you log into the Notifvia dashboard this could mean:

  • You have recently changed your Facebook password.
  • You have removed the Notifvia Facebook App from your Business Integrations.
  • Your permission page access might have changed.

Solution: The simple way to fix this is by following these steps:

  1. If you see the Permission Revoked popup when you login (as shown above) click the Continue with Facebook button. Press [Continue] on the following screen
  2. If you see a “Page Permission” error you can re-grant the permission by clicking the blue link as shown below.
  3. On the next popup click ‘Edit settings” and ensure you have selected the Facebook page that is attached to your bot in the list of pages you manage.
  4. Click “Continue as..” and you should be all sorted!

If problems persist please contact our support team.

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