Setting up Reminders

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Navigate to: Notifications > Reminders

Reminders are notifications that can be automatically sent to a user once they have finished using your chatbot. Reminders can be sent to the user within a 24 hour period of the user last engaging with your chatbot on an hourly interval.

💡 Tip: We recommend to send a maximum of 3, otherwise users may flag your chatbot as spam.

Ideal use cases for Reminder Notifications

Send a message:

  • Asking if they want to sign up to your newsletter or opt-in for notifications with a CTA
  • Asking if they would like to rate their chatbot experience (You can use a Poll Feature for this)
  • Offering users a discount for your online store

What is the checkbox “Send Once”?

When setting up a Reminder, if you check the box for “Send Once” it will only ever send that notification to a user once, even if they return the following day or week. However, if you turn this off it will continue to send this notification each time the user engages with your chatbot when their session ends.

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