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One-Time Notifications (OTN) allow you get ask users to opt-in to receive a specific notification at a later date. User can opt-in to get updates about a specific topic, event or product release. From a users point of view opting-in to a notification list is as simple as clicking on your OTN share link and tapping [Notify Me].

Use Cases
There are many different ways you can use one-time notification, here are just a few:

  • Alerting fans on a future product launch.
  • Alerting fans when you have new content available on your streaming platform.
  • Alerting fans when you have a new track available on Spotify.
  • Alerting fans when tickets for an event go on sale.
  • Alerting fans when an item in your store is available for purchase.
  • Alerting fans about an upcoming sale or special offer.

For further info and T&Cs see Facebook’s OTN FAQs.

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