Google Agent Verification Steps

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What is an agent and why do I need it?
The agent is what allows Google to connect your chatbot built on Notifvia to your Google listing. It acts as a middle man between the two systems.

How do I get my chatbot approved by Google?
Once you have finished building your chatbot, or would like to preview your chatbot in Google you will be required to fill out a few details.

  • Brand Name: Enter the name of your brand
  • Brand Contact Name: Enter your contact name.
  • Brand Contact Email: Enter your brand email. ie:
  • Brand Website: Enter the URL of your brands website
  • Agent Name: This could either be your brand name or if you have a brand ambassador or brand personality that you want people to chat to you can enter that name. ie; “Mickey from Disney” otherwise you can just use your brand name “Disney”
  • Logo: Upload a circle version of your brands logo.
  • Privacy URL: Enter the website link for your brands privacy URL.
  • Locale: Enter the language your chatbot is in. ie; English (AU)
  • Timezone: Select the timezone in which your business is located.

What happens next?
Once all those details are sent Google will automatically send you 2 emails.

Email #1 contains your security key
Email #2 contains details on how to authorise Notifvia to be your Business Messages integration partner

The 2nd email contains a templated message that you need to fill out and reply back to Google. You will also need to include your security key from the first email.

If you face any issues you can email;

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