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Creating an account on Notifvia is very easy and only takes a few clicks. You will need a Facebook account and admin access to at least one Facebook page. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to and click [Log in With Facebook]

Troubleshooting: If you click [Log in with Facebook] and nothing happens, ensure you don’t have pop-up’s blocked. If you do, you will need to allow them on our website to login/create an account.

Step 2: A Facebook login popup screen will appear. Click [Continue as _]

Step 3: Select the page/pages you want to work with on Notifvia. Once you have selected your pages click [Next]

Step 4: Facebook will require all of the permissions listed to be able to setup, build and install a Messenger chatbot. Once Yes has been selected click [Done]

Step 5: Click [OK] to continue setting up your account on Notifvia.

Step 6: Enter a name for your chatbot. This is for internal use only and you can change it later on!

Step 7: Click [Login with Facebook] and a list your Facebook pages will appear.

Note: If you don’t have a Facebook page or you just want to check out our chatbot platform you can click [Skip this step] and assign a page later on. Jump to Step 9 if you choose this.

Step 8: Select a Facebook page you want to assign to your Messenger chatbot. This can be changed later.

Step 9: Select a plan. If you aren’t sure you can get started with our Free tier! All of our paid plans include a 14 free trial so if you change your mind you can cancel before the trial ends. If you select a paid plan you will then be prompted to enter your business and payment details. You can switch to [Annual] plan for a great discount!

Step 10: You’re all done! Click [Get Started] and you will be taken to the dashboard of your chatbot.

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