Understanding the Dashboard

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The Notifvia dashboard has a range of useful metrics that you can see at a glance. The items on your dashboard change as you start to add our one-click Features to your chatbot.

Below we will explain the basic analytics you will see once you get started.

  1. User Chart: See how many users and link clicks your chatbot is getting daily. The date range can also be changed.
  2. Traffic: See where your chatbot users are coming from.
  3. Live: See how many people are using your chatbot right now, and how many have have engaged over the last 6 hours.
  4. Conversations: How many users your chatbot has had in total.
  5. Messages: This is how many messages your chatbot has sent to users.
  6. Notifications: See how many people have opt-in for notification alerts.
  7. Website Links: See how many clicks to your website have come from your chatbot.
  8. Feature Dashboard Widgets: Each Feature you install in your chatbot automatically adds a dashboard widget with a key metric. More Feature analytics can be see in the Features menu.

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