Setting up the Welcome Screen

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The welcome screen is the first thing people see when they encounter your Messenger bot, and includes information that allows a person to learn about your bot and what it offers. The welcome screen displays the the name and responsiveness of your bot, the profile picture and cover photo from your Facebook Page, an optional greeting message, and the ‘get started’ button.

You can set this up by navigating to Chatbot > Welcome Screen.

Custom Variables
You can include any of these custom variables in the welcome message to make it more personalized.

  • {first-name}
  • {last-name}
  • {full-name}

💡 Tips & Best Practices

  • Do consider your greeting an introduction and a summary of your experience. Greetings have a 160 character maximum, so keep it concise. You can also include emoji’s. 😎
  • Do share basic commands in your welcome message. Communicate which keywords or terms people can use to ask for help, get updates, etc., so they find what they want more quickly.
  • Don’t forget everything on the screen works together. The context you provide in your Messenger Greeting should complement the “Get Started” button. ie “Click below to Get Started”
  • Do communicate your main functionality. Context helps people understand how to interact with you and sets expectations about your capabilities.
  • Don’t treat your greeting like an instructional manual. Because your greeting disappears, use your actual messages to introduce specific functionality and commands.

Preview of Welcome Screen on iPhone

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