Setting up the Persistent Menu

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The persistent menu allows you to have an always-on user interface element inside Messenger conversations. This is an easy way to help people discover and access the core functionality of your Messenger bot at any point in the conversation.

From here you can also disable the keyboard so the user will not be able to

Dynamic Persistent Menu
Our platform allows you to setup a Dynamic Persistent Menu via a range of our features such as Live Chat. In the Live Chat settings by default once it’s activated from the users point of view the persistent menu will automatically change giving the user to [End Support] once their query is solved. More on that here.

Adding a New Item
Enter a name for your persistent menu button and then select where it will link to.
Click [Save] once you have finished adding your new persistent menu items.

💡 Tips

  1. Persistent menu can contain up to 20 items maximum
  2. Items in the persistent menu can contain up to 20 characters
  3. Each item can link to either a module/feature in your chatbot or an external website.

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