Setting up Store Locator

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Navigate to: Features

Section 1: Setup Menu

Add ‘Store Locator’ from the Add New Feature dropdown menu. There are a handful of easy configuration settings you need to setup and then you’re done!

Once you have configured all of these settings you are ready to start adding items to your catalogue. Click Save to continue.

  1. Store Locator Name: Give your Store Locator a name. This is for internal use only. This is more important if you have multiple collections of locations, If you only have 1 Store Locator then you can just name it ‘Store Locator’
  2. Distance Metric: Select if you want to use Km or Miles
  3. Maximum Distance: This is the maximum distance of locations to show when a user enters their location.
  4. Map Zoom Level: This is a Google Map setting, you can adjust the level of zoom used in the location thumbnail. Level 15 is recommended.
  5. Custom Map Pin: If you would like to upload a Custom Map Pin instead of using the default Google Map red pin you can check this box and upload your own icon. It must be 64px by 64px, transparent PNG and maximum file size of 50kb
  6. Thumbnail Image Size: Select if you want the results thumbnail to be displayed as Rectangle or Square.

Section 2: Text Requirements

  1. Multi-Country: If your locator contains more than 1 location it will display this message and ask the user to select their country. It will skip this step if there is only data for 1 country in your chatbot.
  2. Postcode Prompt: This is the message users will be asked when they need to enter their location. They can either enter their city or zipcode/postcode. We recommend mentioning this in your messaging. Example: “Enter your city or zipcode:”
  3. Results Displayed: This message is shown above the search results.
  4. No Results: This message is shown if there are no search results with the users input location.
  5. Invalid Input: If the chatbot cannot find the users location from their input data this message will be shown.
  6. Directions CTA: This is used for the button attached to each location. This takes the user to the location in Google Maps.
  7. Enable Location Phone CTA: If enabled, it adds a 2nd Call-To-Action button below the Directions CTA. This is used to display location phone number. It als enabled the phone number field when adding a new location.

Once you have entered all of the above required fields click ‘Save’.

Adding Location Data

Click the [Add Location] button on the top-right.

In the Add New Location popup you will see the following fields:

  1. Location Name: The name of your location you want to add to your Store Locator.
  2. Address: The street address of the location.
  3. Country: The country of your location.
  4. State: Your location’s state.
  5. City: The city of the location.
  6. Postcode/Zipcode: The zip or postcode of the location.

Tap [Save] when you’re done!

💡 Tip: If you need to fine tune a location pin or just need to correct a tricky address you can edit a location and then manually edit the Longitude and Latitude.

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