Setting up Sports Fixture

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Navigate to: Features

Sports Fixture Setup
Install the Sports Fixture feature from the Add Features dropdown menu. You will see a list of settings that will let you customise this feature.

  1. Fixture Name: Fix your fixture a name. This is for internal reference use only.
  2. Sporting League: This is for our Notifvia team to get a better understand of who is using this feature so we can add more functionality.
  3. Fixture Home: This is the message that users will see when they navigate to your Sports Fixture
  4. Search Options Available: Users can search for upcoming events by selecting one of these event types. You can disable any that don’t apply to your league or fixture.
  5. Headline: You can choose the format that your headline text on search results is displayed in. We offer you a range of combinations.
  6. Description: You can choose the format that your description text on search results is displayed in. We offer you a range of combinations.
  7. Button Name: Customise the button name that is attached to each search result. You can edit the button to something like [Buy Tickets] or [More Info]
  8. End of Season: This is the text that users will see when all the matches in your fixture have passed.

Create New Event
Adding a new event is very simple. Navigate to the sub-menu ‘Fixture’ and click ‘Add Event’ on the top-right.

  1. Event Status: By default events are set to ‘Active’ and automatically become ‘Not Active’ when their event date has passed.
  2. Event Image: Upload an image for the round.
  3. Event Name: Give the round a name. Ie; “Round 1: Team x VS Team Y”
  4. URL: Insert the website that users can by tickets for that round from. You can edit this later on.
  5. Event Date: Enter the Day and Time the event is scheduled to start.
  6. Event Venue: Enter the Event Venue
  7. Search Options Available: There are 2 options:
    1. Home Game: Enable if this is a Home Game
    2. Featured Game: Enable if you want this match to appear in the Featured search section.

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