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Navigate to: Features

Quiz Setup
Install the Quiz feature from the Add Features dropdown menu and click on [Add Quiz] from the top-right. Within Quiz Manager you can add multiple quizzes and have more then one running at the same time.

Adding a New Quiz

  1. Status: Leave as Active unless you don’t want to make it live just yet.
  2. Quiz Name: Give your quiz a name.
  3. End Date (Optional): If your quiz is timely then add an End Date. This is optional.
    Text Requirements
  4. Correct Text: This text is shown if the user selects the correct answer.
  5. Incorrect Text: This text is shown if the user selects the incorrect answer.
  6. Quiz Ended: This text is shown if the quiz has ended (Only if the End Date was entered)

Question Manager
Adding a Question to your quiz is very easy to do. By default we add [Question 1] for you to edit.

  1. Field Name: We use the naming convention “Question 1, Question 2” but you can edit this to your own format if needed. This is for internal use only and ise mainly used to help manage questions with many questions.
  2. Quiz Type: There are 2 options available: Text or Text+Image. If you want to include an image in your quiz then select “Text+Image” otherwise leave it as Text.
  3. Quiz Question: Enter the quiz question that your users will see. Example; “What is your favourite TV show?”
  4. Quiz Answer Options: Enter at least 2 options for the user to select.
  5. Quiz Correct Answer: On the left you will see a ✅ green tickbox. Tick the option that is the correct answer.
  6. Quiz End: This is the text that is shown to the user once all the questions have been answered. We have a range of custom variables that are shown by default. You can edit this message as needed. You can also add any navigation buttons to the End Module to link your users to another section of your bot.

Custom Variables:

  • {correct_answers} = The amount of correct answers the user scored.
  • {total-questions} = The amount of questions in the quiz.
  • {percent-correct} = The percentage of questions answered correctly (in the format of a number so add % to the end)

💡 Tip
Re-order your questions by simply dragging and dropping them while collapsed to the order you like.

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