Setting up Product Catalogue

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Navigate to: Features

Step 1: Setup Menu

Add “Product Catalogue” from the Add New Feature dropdown menu. There are a handful of easy configuration settings you need to setup and then you’re done!

Once you have configured all of these settings you are ready to start adding items to your catalogue. Click Save to continue.

  1. Catalogue Name: Give your catalogue a name. This is for internal use only.
  2. UTM Tracking: If you would like to track clicks from your chatbot enter a UTM extension. This is optional.
  3. Search Text: The text that appears above your product catalogue search results.
  4. CTA Button: The button label that appears on each product.
  5. Add Additional CTA: If you would like to add an CTA button to your products then check this box.
  6. Categories: Enter categories for your product catalogue. You need to enter a minimum of 2 categories.
  7. Display Currency: Check this box if you want to display the price currency.
  8. Display Sort Order: Select your desired sort order. By default this is set to Most Popular
  9. Gallery Image Size: Select the image size you would like to use. Rectangle or Square.

Step 2: Products Menu

Click the ‘Add Product’ button on the top right. Once you have entered all the information above click ‘Save Product’ and you should see it appear in your list.

  1. Product Image: Upload the product image
  2. Product Name: Enter the name of the product
  3. Description: Enter the description of the product
  4. Category: Select at least 1 category from the category
  5. Price: Enter the item price
    1. Price Range: Check this box if you want to enable a Price Range ($x to $xx)
    2. Price From: Check this box if you want to enable the ‘Price from $xx’ label.
  6. URL: Enter the item URL
  7. Feature Product: Check this box if you want the item to be featured. Feature items appear first in the search results.

See: Attach Feature to Chatbot to link this into your chatbot

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