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Navigate to: Features

Poll Setup
Install the Poll feature from the Add Features dropdown menu and click on [Add Poll] from the top-right. Within Poll Manager you can add multiple polls and have more then one running at the same time.

Adding a Poll

  1. Status: Leave as Active unless you don’t want to make it live just yet
  2. Poll Name: Give your poll a name
  3. Poll Image (Optional): Upload an image that will be displayed above your question. This is optional.
    Text Requirements
  4. Poll Question: Enter the text for your poll question. The results will be displayed below the question as quick reply buttons.
  5. Poll Answer Options: Add the options that you want to appear in your poll. You can add up to 5 options.
  6. Poll End Date (Optional): Add a date if your poll has a time frame, otherwise leave it blank.
  7. Allow Multi-Entry: Enable if you want users to be able to enter the same poll more than once.
  8. Display Results: Enable if you want to display the results to the user.
  9. Poll Results: This text is shown if the quiz has ended (Only if the End Date was entered)

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