Setting up Lead Generation

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Navigate to: Features

Step 1: Setup Menu

Add ‘Lead Generation’ from the Add New Feature dropdown menu. There are a handful of easy configuration settings you need to setup and then you’re done!

Once you have configured all of these settings you are ready to start adding fields to your form. Click Save to continue.

  1. Form Name: Give your lead generation form a name. This is for internal reference only.
  2. Entry Target (Optional): Enter the target amount of entries you are planning to achieve.
  3. Allow Multiple Entries: If you would like to let users enter the Lead Gen form more than once check this box.

Step 2: Add Form Fields

Press the ‘Add Field’ button to add the fields you would like to include in your Lead Generation chatbot feature.

Next, Fill out the following information:

  1. Field Name: This is the name of the field. Usually something simple and generic like; Name, Email, Question 1. This is to identify the input data when you download the CSV.
  2. Field Type: Select what type of input is expected.
  3. Text: This is the text that is sent to the user for each question. Example, “Please enter your name”.
  4. Validation Type: Select the type of validation required. This is automatically selected based on the field type but you can manually adjust if needed.
  5. Validation Message: Enter a message to send the user if the input by the user is not valid.
  6. Allow Skip: If checked, the user will see a (Skip) button on the specific question.

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