Setting up FAQ Manager

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Navigate to: Features

Step 1: Setup Menu

Add ‘FAQ Manager’ from the Add New Feature dropdown menu. There are a handful of easy configuration settings you need to setup and then you’re done!

Once you have configured all of these settings you are ready to start adding items to your FAQ Manager. Click Save to continue.

  1. FAQ Collection Name: Give your FAQ Manager a name.
  2. Categories: Enter the categories for your FAQ Manager. You can add/edit categories later.
  3. FAQ CTA: This button appears below each Question. Default text is [See Answer].
  4. Category Text: When the user loads your FAQ Manager in the chatbot it will show this text.

Step 2: FAQs

Click the [Add FAQ] button on the top-right of the FAQ Manager screen.

  1. Enter the Question
  2. Select at least 1 category that applies to that Question.
  3. Enter the Answer for this FAQ. You can include:
    • Text
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Quick Reply buttons
    • CTA buttons

Once you have added the content for your FAQ click [Add] and you’re done!

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