Facebook Ads Setup Guide

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If you would like to run Facebook Ads linking to your Messenger chatbot here are some simple instructions to get you started:

Setup in Notifvia
Navigate to: Share Tools

  1. Click [Add Share Tool] on the top right
  2. Enter a name for your tracking share tool, this is just for your own internal reference
  3. Select the Destination. This is where you want the ad to link to. If you just want it to link to the start of your chatbot flow then select (Welcome) otherwise select a specific module or feature.
  4. Select “Facebook Ads” as the Type
  5. Click [Save Share Tool] and then copy/paste the code that appears in the popup.
  6. You will see a short line of code, similar to this: {"module":"Welcome","value":"9837"}
  7. Click to copy this code.

Scroll down to see how to set this up in Facebook Ads Manager

Setup your Facebook Chatbot Ad
Navigate to: Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Create a campaign in your Ads Manager
  2. Select the campaign objective as ‘Messages’
  3. Setup all your usual targeting and ad criteria, then click on the Ad in the Ad Set
  4. Scroll down to Message template and click ‘Start Conversations’ (+ Create) button
  5. Select (Buttons) as the Customer action
  6. Enter the text you want to appear in the first message users will see when they click on your ad, This is different from the first message that loads from Notifvia.
  7. Enter a name for your ‘Button 1’
  8. Select the ‘Action’ as ‘Send a postback’
  9. Paste the code that was generated from Notifvia here.
  10. You can test out your ad by clicking the (Preview in Messenger) button on the bottom right.

If it loads correctly then you are all setup! If you have any issues contact our support team and someone will assist with your issue.

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